Welcome to JD's!

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Contact us for more information about our products and services. I can help you find exactly what you need and can provide advise on all our current products. Shoot us an email if we are not open and I will make sure all your questions get answered quickly!!!

Our collective hours:

MON-SAT 10am to 6pm

SUN Closed

We will be closed on most holidays! So check our news and events for closing days and specials. Thanks from your local Collective.


39817 B. North Newport Hwy. ELK, Wa



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You can find all of our testing at http://analytical360.com/access-points/listing/jds-collective


Also if you have product that you need to have tested we have a drop off box for Analytical 360 and they pick up on Wednesdays.


Our Strains are Guaranteed



All Venders have Tested their products..



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